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Evan Fujimoto

Evan Fujimoto
Period 6
Blog Entry #4
"Eyes of the Emperor," by Graham Salisbury
Page 184-end

Blog Prompt: Share how events of this novel have caused a change in your views.
In the book, "Eyes of the Emperor," by Graham Salisbury, Eddy Okubo, a Japanese boy ssigned up for the military not thinking it would be bad, but his view quickly changed after American captains put them through a process in which they trained dogs to smell and kill Japanese.Pages 184-END was mainly about how the Americans finished the job of teaching the dogs to hunt and kill. Eddy was the bait, and Kooch (German Shepherd) was the hunter. This time, instead of using a whip and horse meat to attract the dog to find Eddy, they used his "scent." This trial didn't turn out good, and the dog ended up taking a bite out of Eddy and Smith. After the trial, some American generals from Washington D.C. came over to Cat Island to rate the progress of the dogs by sending three Americans, one Japanese (Eddy), and Kooch out into the jungle. The main purpose of this was to see if Kooch could find Eddy according to scent. Kooch ended up finding and attacking one of the Americans. Eddy's training was for nothing.

I used to think that the Pearl Harbor bombings in 1941 was just a little fire that was taken care of, but after reading this book, I now see that every single person in America (mostly Japanese) suffered from the after effects. I didn't think that the Japanese went through this much after the bombings...Some Japanese sacrificed their lives to help America win the battle against Japan, like Eddy, who lost seeing his family, and suffered a terrible dog bite on his arm and leg. I see how America used to feel towards the Japanese people. They used to think they smelled different than Americans, they thought that every Japanese person in America at the time was helping to plan for the bombing, and they thought that the Japanese were lower class because they used to call them by derogatory terms, like "Jap." But in the end, America payed back Japanese families for taking everything they owned (house, belongings, etc.) They realized that suspecting every Japanese-American for helping to plan the bombing was wrong.

Coincidence or is the day of the Pearl Harbor bombings...

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Tiffany Ashikawa

Tiffany Ashikawa
December 7,2oo9
Period 6
Book: The Fold By An’na
Pages: 1- 280
Blog Entry # 4
        4. Explain what you would have done in a certain situation.
The book that I had already finished reading was The fold. The fold was a good book because this girl her name was Joyce and she really liked this guy and his name was John Ford Kang. She wanted him to sign her yearbook but she was a little to afraid to ask him to sign it. In Joyce’s situation I believe that she didn’t need to get the plastic surgery because god made you for who you are, and she had thought that maybe if she gets plastic surgery maybe John Ford Kang would remember her name but he didn’t know her name. So Joyce I wouldn’t get the plastic surgery because you look fine on how you look now so you don’t need to change your look, and to just be your self and don’t listen to what other people have to say.

Tiffany Ashikawa | Reply

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Robert matsumura

Robert Matsumura
Period #6
Blog #19: Respond to what seems to be the most important word or phrase in the reading assignment that depicts the author's point about identity and culture.  Give reasons for that choice.
Title: Eyes Of The Emperor
Author: Graham Salisbury
Page #1-222

In this book, it talks about the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor and how the Japanese people living on Oahu are affected.  A boy named Eddy Okubo wants to join the U.S. army because he thinks it will be fun and his friends are in it to.  Then Eddy joins the army and right that, Japan attacks.  After everything was over, America didn't trust the Japanese Americans.  Because of this President Roosevelt made Eddy and a bunch of other Japanese guys in the army do a special project.  Roosevelt sent them to a island called Cat Island.  There, Eddy and his friends have to prove their loyalty by doing a life or death project.  They would have to help a bunch of people to train dogs to become killers, to help them in the war.  After Eddy and his friends finishes the project, the army feels that they can trust them and Eddy was able to finally do what he wanted to when he joined the army.  To fight in the war.
I think the most important word is Jap.  I picked this word because when Eddy was on Cat Island, helping the people train the dogs, they kept on calling him Jap.  Eddy got really mad when they sad that and I would to if someone said "hey Jap come over here".  All the Americans called the Japanese guys Japs.  Even President Roosevelt thought that Japanese people had a different smell than an American, that's why he sent Eddy to train the dogs, to get the dogs to kill Japanese people.  Even when Eddy tells the Americans to stop calling him Jap, they still do.  So this word, Jap depicts the author's point about identity and culture because it tells about the differences of Japanese and American people and how races people can be.

Robert matsumura | Reply

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Dylan Humphreys

the blog entry that i am doing is the remainding summary from the book that i finished reading is gathering blue. the remainding part of gathering blue is that she finds out that she has this special talent that no one in her village can poses the talent that she has and the duties that she has to do with this special talent. and then she seeks the truth about her world and to find out what exists beyond it. i recommend that you read the book before this called the messanger. and i recommend that you read this book thank you.

Dylan Humphreys | Reply

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Kyle O.

Kyle Okino  
Period 6  
Prompt #2 Compare a character's emotional response with yours in a similar
Pages: 1-168
Title: All Rivers Flow to the Sea
Author: Alison McGhee

   One experience I had that I'd say is pretty similar is when my first dog got sick. At the time I was in 7th or 8th grade I think. I loved her a lot, but we had to put her down. That got me really sad.
   In the book, Rose's sister was put into the hospital. At first she was sad and didn't want to let her go, like me. Her feelings appeared to change over time though, and she was able to let her sister go. That's what I did to, but it was still really sad.


Kyle O. | Reply

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erin L

Erin Lum
Title:  The absolutely True Diary of a Part – Time Indian
By: Sherman Alexie pg. 1- 76

Blog #14 - Figure out the ways a character changed and what caused the changes.

Arnold which people call him Junior, He changed by moving to a new school because he didn’t like people picking on him. He wanted to have a good education and have a better life by moving to Rez high school to Reardan high school. He has to make new friends after he left rowdy his good friends since there were little kids. He was trying to make new friends at his new school. He started talking to this girl name Penelope. He got into fight at Rez. At Reardan, he trys not to get into fight but he got mad at Roger, he was a tall and he was a farmer. After, Junior punch Roger in the face and he walk away. He threw a book at Mr. P the Math teacher at the face too. Junior learns his lesson after punching Roger in the face and not threw a book at the teacher. Mr. P was talking to Junior about he threw a book at the teacher and apologize for doing that. Also Mr. P was talking to him about his sister Mary. He was saying to Junior that, Mary wants to be a writer or journalist. She likes to write romance book. This makes him changes by he want to get to know his sister more and talk to her more. When his parents aren’t home that much, Junior likes to go to his grandma and ask for advice because she gives good advices that make him feel better and she is a smart women.

erin L | Reply

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Kimberly Sakamoto

Kimberly Sakamoto
Story of a girl by Sara Zarr
Page 1-56
Prompt #10- List some questions you'd ask a character/author,given the opportunity.
Author questions:
1. What inspired you to write this book?

2. Did someone particular inspire you to write this book?

3. Did this book come from personal experience?

4. Why did you write this book?

5. Could you relate to this book?  if so, how?

6. What is your style of writing?

7. Do you like to write about fiction or non-fiction? Why?

Kimberly Sakamoto | Reply

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Reese Ebata

Reese Ebata
Period 6
Blog entry #4
Eyes of the Emperor
Page 1-58
Prompt: Share how events of this novel have caused a change in your views.
  Events in this novel changed my view of the way I think. Before I read Eyes of the Emperor, I would always look at a situation or problem in one point of view. After reading this book, I now realize that there is more to it than just analyizing it from your view, you should do it from many to get different results. That’ll help you make a better decision or do something better. One event that happened in the book that made me change my way of thinking was when the main character Eddy Okubo was talking to his mother about how he enlisted in the US army that day. He said, “Ma, I..i joined the army today. I was going get drafted anyway, so I [did it]. Look ma, ill get paid thirty dollars a month, just like Chik and Cobra. We need the money, don’t we? Right?”.  At first, I thought that he was just being selfish because he just wanted to be like Chik and Cobra, but then I realized later after re reading that he could’ve done it for other reasons too. Another possible reason why he could’ve did that was because he wanted to make money just like he said to help support his family especially because the boat that the dad and Eddy just fixed the day before got burned by a juvenile delinquent.
  In the quote, Eddy is talking to his mom about joining the army and how he could join to get the money to support and help his family. The mother is very sad because she knows all of the dreams the dad had for him and Eddy just flushed it down the toilet. All the dads work, all the money he saved for him to go to college and to go to japan to see his home country, worthless now. All wasted effort. This quote is significant because it teaches me that there is more than 1 way to interpret this quote. You would first think he did it just to be cool, but later when you actually think of what is going on, it makes sense and you start to understand why he is doing this. Not to hurt his family but to try and help them! He is making a sacrifice to help his family survive.
  I can connect this to my life because of the lesson I learned by reading this book. It taught me to look from different point of views to see an idea or solve a problem. I shouldn’t just look at it from one because it may not be the only idea out there. You should look from many views to see the different thoughts so you can make a good decision about it. It reminds of a personal experience with my best friend. I was fighting with her over something very small, and I only saw it my way. I didn’t look at it from her view and things got worse. I then later thought about it more thoroughly and realized she was right. After all of that I still didn’t realize that I should look from more than one point of view until now! This book changed the way I think and how I can look at a situation and judge things. The authors message is effective but is hard to see at first. You may have to read that book maybe 3 times to see it because It’s not something that is just stated. It’s a personal thought I had and I applied it to what I was reading. I asked myself at first is this what is really going on? Is this how he is acting? Seems selfish to me. But then I looked at it and that taught me a lesson. I had to realize it on my own, so it was a harder message to come by without a personal thought.

Reese Ebata | Reply

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Haley Omiya

Haley Omiya
Period 6
Blog #4
A Step from Heaven
By: An Na

Prompt #1 Compare an event in the story with a similar one in your own life
            In the story, the Park family was going through a difficult time because the loss of a family member. The father of Young Ju was deeply sadden and so was the mother. However, Young Ju didn't really understand what the family was going through. All she knew was that her halmoni passed away. Young Ju says," I shake my head, unsure of what this means. Passed away? Dead? I haven't seen my Halmoni since I was four years old, so I can't be quite sure of how death takes her farther from me." I went through the same thing as she did. My grandpa passed away at a young age for me. My mom was very depressed and emotionally distraught. She couldn't sleep and even function. Each day she would cry and tell me about the wonderful memories she had about her father. Being at such a young age, I didn't really understand what was going on. When I went to the funeral everyone was crying except for me. I was confused. I tried to comfort my mom but, I didn't understand so what could I say. Like the story, the family stuck together and comforted each other. That's exactly what my family did and because of this we grew stronger.

Haley Omiya | Reply

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Amanda H

Under The Blood Red Sun by Graham Salisbury
Prompt # 6: Tell what makes a particular character/setting appeal to you.

In The Book "Under the Blood Red Sun", The Setting is in Honolulu, Hawaii. This setting is appealing to me because it's where I live, and I can get a good feeling on the setting because of its familiarity due to the fact that I've lived here my whole life. Because the setting is so close to my home, I know exactly what they mean when they say "My Pop drove us up to Schofield Barracks last summer", or "Punahou is such a rich kid school, Roosevelt is way better". The setting is also appealing because some of the characters are local, so they speak pidgin english. I can understand and speak pidgin, but never before have I read a book in that language. I feel that it adds an extra depth to the book, just like reading Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in the original old english play format, compared to reading a modern day translation.  The setting is very familiar to me which makes me more interested in the story, which is why I like it.

Amanda H | Reply

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Jase Furuya

Jase Furuya
Blog entry4
Name Me Nobody
Lois-Ann Yamanaka
page 1-121
5. Describe your response (emotional/intellectual) to your reading.
In the book i am reading the character Emi-Lou her mother doesn't come to see her or visits her and she lives with her grandma. I think her mother should go and visit Emi-Lou. I think the mother should go visit her because she feels like nobody cares about her and she thinks of her self as nobody. I also think the mother should go see her to see how much she has grown and changed since she was small. This is what i thought about when i was reading my book and how i felt about what was happening.

Jase Furuya | Reply

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Tasia Nakasone

Tasia Nakasone
Story of a Girl by Sara Zarr
Prompt #3- give you opinion on how a character should have worked out a conflict.
    In this moving story, Story of a Girl, a girl named Deanna was caught in the act with her older brother's friend in a car. What's worse was that her father saw what was going on. This is actually only when she's thirteen! After three years, her father still hasn't forgotten and doesn't talk to her much. They became distant after the incident.  Deanna is a teenage who is just going through some tough times and she doesn't let things go and she just wants to leave her town with her older brother who's married and has a baby.  
    I think that, if Deanna knew what she did was wrong and she knew that there was going to be consequences she should face her problems instead of running away. She should talk to her father about what happened, though it may be awkward, maybe she could give a better explanation and learn to forgive herself. Suffering is tough but running away from the problem and everything else is not the way to go. Deanna would probably only feel worse. She just needs to get a grip and work things out with her dad and a apologize.

Tasia Nakasone | Reply

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