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10/28/2009 4:54:00 AM #

Avery Asato

Avery Asato
Period 2
Blog Entry #1
Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin; pages 1-98
Prompt #2: compare a character's emotional response with yours in a similar situation.

     In my book, Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, the main character, Naomi loses her memory of the past four years.  Now I know this seems kind of scary and trust me it probably was.  In the beginning of her story she says that she knows that she fell down the stairs because she lost a coin toss with her best friend, Will.  Naomi loses her memory but is somehow rescued by James, a bad boy that she's never really associated herself with.  But now that James came into her (new) life she can't stop thinking about him.  Don't get me wrong, Naomi's not obsessed or anything, she just thinks about him a lot more often.  But she has a boyfriend, Ace.  Suddenly she doesn't know what she saw in him in the first place.
     The situation that Naomi is put in is at school.  It's her first day back and she hasn't told anyone.  When she gets to lunch period she meets up with her boyfriend, Ace.  He's quite a popular guy in school with a lot of friends that Naomi finds snobby.  One of these girls is named Brianna.  At first she seems nice enough and congratulates Naomi on coming back to school.  "A curly-haired blonde named Brianna introduced herself and then said, 'I just want you to know how brave I think you are.  What happened to you is so, so tragic.  Isn't she so brave?'"  But Naomi soon discovers that Brianna is not actually as nice as she seems.  Naomi observes exactly how Brianna is speaking to her, "I didn't feel all that brave.  Even though her words were ostensibly addressed to me, she seemed to be talking to Ace or the table at large or the whole school."  It's pretty obvious that Brianna is more obsessed with her social status rather than her level of sympathy toward another human being, especially with one who has amnesia.  Just to prove Naomi's theory Brianna was chatting about her in the bathroom saying, "'I mean, she looks the same, but she's not all there  She used to be so...' she sighed.  'But now...' Her voice trailed off.  'So tragic.  So, so tragic.  And you know who I feel really awful for?  Ace.'"  Naomi's response was: "She was an idiot, but I didn't necessarily want to confront her either.  What would I say?  Besides, she was probably right."
     If it were me in this situation I probably would have felt the same way.  I imagine that if i was being talked about at school in the bathroom I'd be annoyed.  I also would have stayed in the stall until she left just like Naomi did.  People who talk to other people about other people are not people that I'd like to associate myself with even if it's only for a moment in the bathroom.  Naomi and I both know that those kinds of people are idiots although everyone can be an idiot sometimes.

Avery Asato | Reply

10/28/2009 5:53:32 AM #

Ryan Kuboyama

Ryan Kuboyama
Period 2
October 27
Blog Entry #1
Eyes of the Emperor
Graham Salisbury
228 pages

14. Figure out the ways a character changed and how they changed.

I think that one of the characters that changed was the main character Eddy Okubo. I think that he changed because in the beginning of the story, Eddy really wanted to join the military because he wanted to spend more time with his friends who were in the military and he wanted serve his country even though he was going to fight the Japanese and that is what he is and his father didn’t want him to go against his own country. He went behind his father’s back and lied about his age just to register for the war. During the part that I am reading, Eddy regrets his decision to ever join the military because now just because he is Japanese, the military leader puts them in a different category because they are fighting the Japanese and don’t know if they are working for the Japanese or not. They are giving all the Japanese people the hard work and putting them into different tents from other soldiers. Another person who has changed was Eddy’s brother Herbie. When Eddy left Hawaii, Herbie was just a little kid and Eddy wondered if something happened to their father. Herbie would not be able to take care of their mother who was very sad that Eddy was leaving. Eddy would come back later on and find out that Herbie had grown up a lot since he had left and was doing a great job taking care of their mother because their father was put into prison because he is Japanese. This leads me to the next person in the story who changed and that was Eddy’s father. His father was Japanese and could not talk very good English. His father believed that it was a disgrace to go against his own country in the war. When Eddy told his father the news that he signed up to be in the military his father responded to it by not talking to Eddy and by also ignoring him until Eddy left to go fight in the war. Eddy’s father turned himself in because he thought it was a disgrace. When he was released and sent back home, Eddy was on a break for one day. His father told him to keep fighting in the war and not to give up and not to be a disgrace. That’s how much his father changed.

Ryan Kuboyama | Reply

10/28/2009 7:58:18 AM #

Lisa Furukawa

Lisa Furukawa
Period 2
October 27, 2009
Blog Entry #1
Story of a Girl
Sara Zarr
Pages 1-98

1. Compare an event in the story with a similar one in your own life.

     My book is called Story of a Girl. It is about a girl (named Deanna) who is judged constantly, based on something that happened in her past. Part of her identity is made by rumors that people made based on that one thing that happened on the night that Deanna was caught by her dad doing something that she is not proud of now.
     One event that has happened in the story is that she writes in a journal about a girl who represents who she is/was. This event is a little like something that I have done. What I did was I made myself a project where I drew out faces of staring people. I expressed any feelings I had by showing them through the people's stares. She expressed her thoughts through words and a character who she created. I expressed my feeling through drawings of character people. The common thing is that we both indirectly told how we really felt. We showed our identities. We also showed our cultures because our cultures affected our emotions and the way what we did turned out.

This is a link to a website that has a Q and A with someone insecure about a direct writing about herself. I personally think that she should have made it fictional, but based on herself and her identity and culture:

Lisa Furukawa | Reply

10/28/2009 8:28:11 AM #

Kimberly Sakamoto

Kimberly Sakamoto
A Step from Heaven
An Na
81/154 pages read
Blog entry#1

Describe your response (emotional/intellectual) to your reading.

In my book, A Step from Heaven, A four year old girl, Young Ju, is moving to Mi Gook otherwise known as America but in the beginning she thinks Mi Gook is heaven.  When she gets there, she looks for her Harabugi(Grandfather) in what she thinks is heaven.  Later on, her Gomo tells her that it is not heaven, it is America.

When i first read this part of the story, I felt bad for Young Ju because she was really looking forward to seeing her Harabugi because he died many years ago.  I learned that the Korean culture is very strict and very organized.  In one part of the book, Young Ju's little brother, Joon, disobeys his father's simple order to clean up his toys and get in the car to go to their gomo's house.  His father was not pleased at all.  He slapped Joon in the face and unexpectedly kicked him in the stomach.  But all the father was doing was trying to teach him a lesson.  At this point, Joon probably wished that he could be part of another culture where he could be more free and not have to grow up so fast for his father.

Later on in the story, Young Ju goes to school but doesn't understand a word the teacher or classmates are saying.  This was very hard for Young Ju because she wanted to fit in but just couldn't understand.  Her teacher helped her learn simple words like lunch and fish.  Soon Young Ju knew most of the words but not all.  If she didn't know a word that her friends said, she just nodded and pretended like she understood.  Young Ju probably wished she could be a Mi Gook girl and just fitted in.

This book so far is pretty good.  I am learning more about the Korean culture that I never knew before.  Usually I personally don't like reading but this a book worth reading.  

Kimberly Sakamoto | Reply

10/28/2009 11:02:42 AM #


5. Describe your response (emotional/intellectual) to your reading.

This story is called surrender I think it’s interesting, scary, frightening, emotional and drama I thought this book was interesting starting from page 204 to page 208 because Evangeline the girl that Gabriel liked was going to get killed by Finnigan is what he thought because Finnigan is angry right now and he thought that he was going to kill Evangeline. I also thought it was emotional or sad when Gabriel’s dad shot the dog named surrender because the dad thought that the dog was a killer already looking at the dog which made Gabriel sad because he probably thought the dog died. I also like the part when Finnigan burn the wild forest where only animals live and no one goes inside this forest. Gabriel and Finnigan were soul brothers but wasn’t really real brothers. Finnigan said that he would be the person always getting the trouble because Gabriel didn't like getting into trouble and he said that Gabriel can be the angel that doesn’t get in any trouble. Any ways back to the story well the wild forest was an interesting part also because the wild forest later burned because of Finnigan who burned the forest. Gabriel asked Finnigan why he burned the forest. Finnigan said that he burned the forest so that the forest would get stronger. Gabriel said that well that true but what about the animals that live they’re they won’t come back alive when they die. Finnegan answered back by saying that animals won’t live for a long time anyway. This story I thought sounded like a poem on the first five pages of the book when I read it. I also thought that this story was like also a drama because Finnigan would first always be mean to Gabriel for example when Gabriel like Evangeline Finnigan would always make fun of Gabriel by saying that Evangeline doesn’t think your his friend and also he says that you’re a kook and lastly he also says that you’re not actually her girlfriend so most of the time Finnegan was annoying Gabriel and also made Gabriel upset most of the time. I felt really sad when the dog had to leave from Gabriel when Gabriel cared about it from long ago. He also gets rid Finnnigan from his life later by giving the dog surrender to Finnigan. I also sometimes felt tempted to read more even though I am tired because sometimes when you stop at a good part you would still want to continue reading the good part. From reading this book I learned that books could be fun to read and this story had many types of emotions and feelings each person had in this story. I also that me who doesn’t like to even read books would like to read this book because the book is an interesting thing to read and I liked the book because some parts or most of things in this book sounded like a poem when I was reading this story. I also felt sad for Gabriel to have a friend like Finnigan because from reading this story I think that Finnigan isn’t a good person to become friends with since he always teases people and always made fun of people if I was Gabriel after a month or so when he still teases me I would just make friends with other people then being friends with someone that would bully you. Well I had a lot of fun reading my book and I hope that the second blog I would do would be more longer than how much I would white today for the second blog think I would work hard as always and make sure that I would get a really good grade.

Yuusuke | Reply

10/28/2009 9:46:27 PM #

Shaylie Bentosino

The story is about World War II.  The main characters are Tomi, Billy, Kimi, Mama, Grandpa, Keet, Mose, Rico, Lucky, Charlie, Mr.Wilson, Ka'ako boys, Mr. Davis and Mr. Ramos.
It takes place in Pearl Harbor and Japan in 1941.
There having a war in united states because there gonna have a bomb in the United States.
They are listening to the news on the radio.

Sentence: Grandpa told their family that they said that there gonna have a war in Pearl Harbor, Japan. And they start the war in 1941.  They also know that there gonna have a bomb in the united states.  and Tomi, Billy, kimi, Mama and Grandpa heard the news on the radio.

Shaylie Bentosino | Reply

10/30/2009 4:39:36 AM #

Songki Park

Songki Park.
Period 2
Blog Entry #1
244 pages
Under the Blood red Sun,
by Graham Salisbury

4. Explain what you would have done in a certain situation.

Tomikazu is in a weird situation with his family, living on Oahu, during WW2. His Japanese grandfather cherishes the Japanese, but is not proud of Tomi for being “American”, and his grandfather believes that he is discriminating their own race, and that America should allow their own freedom of religion, or so I believe. If I was stuck in Tomi’s situation, I would have destroyed that flag, along with all of their pictures of the emperor and such, because it would bring them more harm than good. Still, I would have stopped at nothing to get back at Keet, because along with being discriminatory, he also acts like a total ********. For the sake of the rest of my family, I would have burned everything Japanese that we owned, and tried to act completely American until wartime ended. And I would have also jumped my grandpa if I saw him waving that flag.
I believe that standing up for the sountry you live in is better than abandoning the culture you have left for so long. I doubt that the grandfather felt the same way, because he was born and raised in Japan, and raised to te culture that didn't exist in America. This is why I also believe that his grandfather was trying to protect all that was dear to him, and this will faded as the story progressed towards the ending.

Songki Park | Reply

10/31/2009 7:48:26 AM #

Truman Tseng

Truman Tseng
Period 2
Blog #1
Wild meat and the bully burgers

5. Describe your response (emotional/intellectual) to your reading.

This story is about Lovey, she is a girl that is Japanese. She moved to America but is raised in a Hawaiian culture. She is challenged with problems concerning assumptions. Bullies pick on her and she wants to suicide. "I feel so small.  I want to die.  I want to die, it feels like a little fist inside of me."  She wants to die and unfortunately she always holds her feelings in. I feel that it is not right. Even if she thinks to herself, or holds her feelings in, she still needs to resolve these problem. She is learning many things but she is experiencing problems with her life. Having friends affects her. I really believe that friends do change you as a person because your surroundings can bring you into certain things. Lovey always thinks. She is paranoid by having her Japanese culture. When she thinks about her problems, she always wants to fit in with the ha oles. She too makes assumptions on other people.  She is really affected by assumptions because she thinks she has a poor, low life. She wants to have a perfect life so she tries to hide her culture. I think everyone has this problem.  I will honestly say that i want a perfect life too. No one can have a perfect life. When you try to hide your culture, it will only bounce back to you. You need to just be yourself and everyone should appreciate that. Assumptions will occur, but only your true friends will know you for who you are. Sometimes this story is sad because it is an innocent girl having many issues in her daily life.  It has issues dealing with problems that almost everyone has.  This makes me feel more comfortable with my life because i now know that i am not the only one with problems.

Truman Tseng | Reply

10/31/2009 9:07:56 AM #

Asami Allen

Asami Allen
Period 2
October 28, 2009
Blog Entry 1
Under The Blood Red Sun
Graham Salisbury
Pages 246

Prompt: 7. Explain the importance of an interesting secondary character.

This book Under the Blood Red Sun is about a family in Hawaii having to face the bombings of Pearl Harbor. Tomikazu Nakaji is a thirteen year old boy and was born in Hawaii and his parents and grandfather was raise in Japan. Tomi's grandfather is proud that he is Japanese but Tomi says he is American. This is America, so you cant put up a Japanese flag. On the other hand Tomi's grandpa says your are Japanese! This story is filled with love, friendship, and living to the fullest, longest, you can.

Tomi hangs out with Billy, his friend and they call themselves the Rats. Mose and Rico are in the Rats too. The Rats is a baseball team and they attend at Roosevelt High School. I think in this story friendship is very important. If I was Tomi i would be glad that i have a friend like Billy. Billy is a haole boy and his hair is "kinpatsu" meaning blonde. Tomi's and Billys friendship becomes deeper and stronger throughout the story. This is about World War 2; Japanese against America. I think it is amazing that Billy and Tomi are still friends at this point. Tomi is Japanese and Billy is American, I think if was in their position i think it would be hard for me because of the pressure. I would be scared, but i would have feelings to still be with my friends but i know i wouldn't have the guts too. Billy was telling Tomi its okay, and its alright. I think Billy was scared too but he didnt show it infront of Tomi. He probably didnt want Tomi to be worried about Billy because Tomi's life is changing. His mom lost his job, his dad and grandpa went to interment camps. Billy has a big heart, a heart filled with precious friendship with Tomi.

Asami Allen | Reply

10/31/2009 7:38:34 PM #

Hikaru Shinagawa

1. Compare an event in the story with a similar one in your own life.

The story is about a 16 year old boy named Eddy Okubo who lied about his age to join the US army, after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, he and other Japanese was treated as a Prisoners of War until a US army Captain got things straightened out. They thought they where going to betray the US for the Japanese.

I can relate this to 6th grade when someone who I thought was my friend insulted me because of my Japanese heritage and seemed to hate me because of all the Kamikaze(Kamakazi) and Banzai's, and the horrible things Japan did to Non-Japanese. I still carry a grudge on him to this day.

Hikaru Shinagawa | Reply

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